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    Kahunas Update

    Hello Kahunas!

    We hope all your families are well in these challenging times. Like so many things right now, the status of the Kahunas swim season is up in the air. The Kahunas board and the Herndon Swim League board are hopeful that we will be able to hold a…

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    Kahunas Social - S'mores Sunday Nov 3 from 2:30 - 4 pm

    Hello, Kahuna families!

    We hope you've been well and are enjoying getting back into your school year routines!  

    If you're anything like us, you might be seriously missing summer and dreaming ahead to next May when the pool reopens and you get to hang with all your fun swim…

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    New team area & timeframe (last all league email ;-)

    please note that our team area is 5 feet over from our former team area (see attachment 3)

    Attachments 1&2 are the approximate timeframes of each of the events. Last year, the starters were running ahead in the first half. Also note that 3 major officials in the 2nd half…

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    All league timeframe

     Apologies for the late detail please realize the timing is approximate will be adjusted based on how the first  half   goes

    First half 

    Warm ups - arrive 7:15

    7:45 job checkin/begin 

    Second half ( Will be adjusted if first half runs later than planned)

    Warmups 11:15

    11:30 adult check…

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    Set-Up for Meet tonight - 8 pm pool

    Hi everyone!

    As a reminder, we ask each family swimming in the meet to help with either set-up or tear down of the pool.  For Saturday meets, we set up the pool Friday night.  For anyone who is available, we will meet tonight at 8 pm at the pool.  It…

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    Next week

    Dear Parents,

    Great meet today. Results are on their way!

    Next week we start morning practice:

    8:20 - 9:00  8 and under

    9:00 - 9:30  Beginners session 2

    9:30 - 10:25  12 and up

    10:25 - 11:10  9 to 11 year olds.

    We will be having our swim-a-thon on Tuesday…

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    Swim-a-thon Monday & Afternoon practices still next week

    Hi everyone!

    Thank you all for the help yesterday!  I am glad we were able to get the pictures and pep rally in around the storms.  

    • Practices:  We still have afternoon practices for one more week before we start morning practices.
    • Swimathon:  Our Swimathon is Monday.  Attached is the…
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    Kingston Chase meet (this Saturday)

    All "meet" families" - 2 things to know for the meet.

    1) Yay! I am excited for our families to experience our first meet of the year together.

    2) if you have not already updated your status for the meet, please do that once you see this message. While singing them…

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    Volunteers Needed!

    Hi everyone!

    We have a couple of volunteer needs for the team for our upcoming events!

    • We need someone to take the three large water jugs we have in the shed and clean them up to be ready for the pep rally on Thursday.
    • We need help with set-up for…
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    Race availability

    Dear Parents,

    Our first meet is this coming Saturday at Kingston Chase. More details later. Please make sure you have indicated you wish to attend by checking your swimmers on the website. You may also want to do that for all meets you expect to attend at one go. 


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