Volunteers Needed!

    Hi everyone!

    We have a couple of volunteer needs for the team for our upcoming events!

    • We need someone to take the three large water jugs we have in the shed and clean them up to be ready for the pep rally on Thursday.
    • We need help with set-up for the pep rally, starting at 5:30 pm.  Sign up on the website.
    • We need help serving the pizza and ice cream.  Sign up on the website.
    • If you can, please stay a few minutes and help clean up after the pep rally.

    Finally, and this is a big ask, but I would love some help in cleaning out the shed.  It is full of dead bugs and dirt from the winter - and I must admit to not loving bugs at all.  It shouldn't take long if there are a few of us with a broom and Chlorox wipes.  Let me know if you are available and we can take a few minutes while the kids are practicing this week.  

    Reminder - the pep rally starts at 6 pm.  Try to be there at 6 pm, as we will line up everyone and try to do the team picture as quickly as possible, with individual pictures being taken after that.  I know that there is a chance for thunderstorms on Thursday - if so, we will reschedule, so watch your email.  Thanks!

    :) Renee

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