Kingston Chase meet (this Saturday)

    All "meet" families" - 2 things to know for the meet.

    1) Yay! I am excited for our families to experience our first meet of the year together.

    2) if you have not already updated your status for the meet, please do that once you see this message. While singing them up, please register as a volunteer. 

    if you have a newer swimmer & are not sure of their status for the meet (eg. "is my child meet-ready") please ask Ian at practice tomorrow

    3) Extra hands are needed - as coordinator, I see that we are registered in small numbers for this meet & that impacts our ability to meet the volunteer needs of the meet.  I will ask them to help us out, but if you are registered as a timer, please ask your spouse (if applicable), if they can help with timer 'relief' efforts (or sign up as well).

    Newest meet swimmers - please introduce yourself to me at your child's first meet (or email me at I would love to show you how the meet works, what our jobs look like, & how you can help going forward. I also want to help make sure you see your child's first meet & help them through this exciting experience.

    What to bring: for the first meet - have your child dressed in their suit, bring cap (towel or 2 for the youngest chilly ones), something dry if needed - sometimes bigger kids wear fuzzy PJ bottoms or hoodies between heats, sunblock, water - for you & your swimmers, snacks & $ for the snack stand. It is also incredibly helpful for the clerks if your child sees the meet sheet (which will likely be emailed Friday - with the warm up time) & knows what events/heats they are swimming in.

    Thank you to everyone for making this meet successful,


    PS - new meet system, new email system = emailing everyone even if you RSPV'd no until we work out the kinks - my apologies

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